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My Story

It all started with…

Me, going on holiday with one of my friends and the rest of his family.

My friend was already regularly attending the gym and lifting weights – so naturally he was in much better shape (and stronger) than me.

I remember feeling really self conscious, I was older than him but considerably skinnier/lankier. I used to hate the way that clothes would sit on me, especially t-shirts, because my arms would be hanging out of the sleeves like little twigs.

While we were abroad, we would go to the gym together and train. He would show me exercises to do, explaining how each individual exercise built upon certain muscles groups and from there onwards I was instantly hooked.

I remember the first time I left the gym, I felt so good about myself and all of the hard work i’d put in. My muscles were all pumped up from lifting the weights, I felt HUGE… sadly I was not, but I still loved the feeling.

As I got more involved in training I started to learn how different things like nutrition and recovery affect your results, so I started to research more and more on how to maximise my progress.

After a few years of endless studying and giving my friends advice/tips, some of them actually asked me “why don’t you become a personal trainer?”.

I was still studying to be a gas engineer at this point, which was considered a “good and safe” job so I never really gave it much thought.

After my third year of my gas engineering apprenticeship I started to really dread going to work, thinking to myself “is this what my life is going to amount to?”

Early & dull mornings, dreading ever second spent at work, working for someone else? At this point I knew something had to change but I stuck through my apprenticeship and got my qualification in may 2016.

One or two months into being a fully qualified engineer I signed up for a personal training course which started in January 2017. It was a weekend course but I thought this dream was worth giving up my weekends for.

By may 2017 I was a fully qualified personally trainer, and I have now worked with hundreds of people world wide. Throughout my journey, even to this day, I’m still learning more and more about training, nutrition, recovery, anatomy and even mindset. I am constantly studying and striving to really help people change not just their body – but their overall attitude towards fitness.

I don’t just want my clients to look better, I want my clients to be better. I want to show them how to exert control over their mind, body and how to push themselves to limits they previously never thought possible.