Personal Trainer in Glasgow


I offer multiple routes for you to come and train with me or to train like me!  From one on one Perosnal training which offers the more hands on experience for beginners to training programmes for the more advanced trainers.

No matter what level you are at, I have an option for you!

PERSONAL TRAINING by far offers the most value to some one looking to get into training as me or one of my Bradley Walker fitness approved PTs can physically be there in person to assess you. This is also a great option for assuring you will get to the gym as one of us will be there waiting for you and if you miss a session I will know!

ONLINE COACHING is my service I offer to help you improve on your diet and/or training. This service is available to every one world wide because I do not need to be physically in the gym with you. In stead we will keep in contact via emails. We will also initially speak on the phone to allow us to run over any issues.

TRAINING PROGRAMMES come in multiple variations with different goals. If none of these goals suit you custom plans can be made to suit your specific physique goals.