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Online Coaching

Online Coaching With Bradley Walker

I offer an online coaching service for those who wish to work with me but may not be able to make it to my gym to train with me in person. Alternativel they may be a little more experienced and don’t require a Personal Trainer standing by their side throughout workouts.

This service is available to anyone world wide.

How it works

When you first sign up you will be sent out a questionnaire that gives me all the details I need to start making your custom plan. Once this custom plan is filled out we will arrange a one-time phone call to run over any initial questions or issues we may have.

On a weekly basis you will be asked send a report email running over bodyweight, training and/or diet. With this email I ask you to put in as much detail as possible, answering questions on how you feel, how well you slept, how motivated you are etc so that we can constantly measure progress and keep you on track.

As well as the weekly email report you can also email me 24/7 with any questions or issues that may occur. With this strategy we can work together to get you the best results possible.

Coaching options.


If you sign up for coaching that includes a diet plan you will receive a custom meal plan which tailors to your eating habits and dietary needs.

As well as multiple meal options to choose from which are not only tasty but healthy!

If these delicious meal options don’t tickle your fancy I will make custom meals for you to follow to ensure you reach your goals.


If you sign up for coaching that involves a training plan, I will design a custom training plan that tailors to your specific physique goals, this plan will be designed off of the latest scientifically proven training methods.

This training plan will be in depth, detailing optimal training times, optimal rest times, tempos to perform exercise at as well as how many set and reps to do in each exercise for optimal results.

Training plans will take into account such things as the equipment available to you, injuries, how long you have to train, what your work life is like and how experienced you are in the gym.


All pricing will be in GBP £

With online coaching there will be a three month minimum sign up as I feel this is adequate time to achieve lasting results and I’m all about results.

Fees can be paid monthly or in advance. The first month will be more expensive due to the initial time spent making and adjusting plans.

Diet only

£ 160 for the first month then £120 per month.

Training only

£ 160 for the first month then £120 per month.

Training and diet

£200 for the first moth then £160 per month.